Microsoft Dynamics GP Customization Tools Selection - Overview for Developer

Dynamics GP and became part of Microsoft Dynamics strategy in September 2005. Former name of the strategy was Microsoft Project Green, where the idea was to introduce so-called Microsoft Business Suites: Financials, Distribution, Human Resource, Manufacturing, etc. In our opinion Microsoft reserves the rights to alter the next steps of Microsoft Dynamics realization and the shapes of the next wave of the merging ERP (Axapta, Great Plains, CRM, Navision, Solomon). This is why the developer has to analyze the development tools, if she/he wants to provide the longest possible longevity to the custom logic. Let’s look at the dilemmas:

o “Fat” versus “Thin” client. Here we reveal “Fat” client technology - it is Microsoft Dexterity with DYNAMICS.DIC - dictionary (all objects for core functionality: table, procedure, function, form, window, string, etc are defined here). Thin client is Business Portal approach (we are not talking about Citrix way here, because in Citrix you usually open the same Fat Dexterity client) or web client. The dilemma of web client is - Dexterity is not web-enabled technology and such questions as GP security realm, accessing business logic (coded in Great Plains Dexterity) is complicated if not possible at all. Plus - if you look at licensing structure - user licenses are actually simultaneous “fat” clients connections, controlled by Dexterity technical logic. Imagine - you need to extend SOP Entry screen logic - you can only realize it accessing Fat client and adding custom logic there through dexterity, Extender (or in Visual Studio, programming relevant GP Object - but again it will go to Fat client extension and Dexterity has more control over its own realm). When Microsoft Dynamics GP will offload Fat Client logic to Business Portal, then you will be using more thin client or web development to do the job, it is not actual today and probably Dexterity has another several years to stay on the first position.

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